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How To Buckle The Buckle Of Replica Cartier Watch?

Cartier is a well-known French brand, which has high achievements in the field of jewelry and watches. Cartier has created many amazing and perfect masterpieces for mankind with its extraordinary creativity and excellent craftsmanship. In 1847, Cartier founder Louis Cartier set the tone of Cartier’s development that has not changed since then with the phrase “to be a bold businessman artist.”

Cartier replica watches have always had a lot of followers. I believe many friends who love Cartier know that the highest sales are often the Ballon Bleu De Cartier series. The overall design of Bleu Ballon’s appearance is also very jewel-like, and it is said to be inspired by the first hot air balloon lifted off by humans. The design of Bleu Ballon is a breakthrough, breaking through the design limitations of the traditional watch case. The oval, biconvex case design is very futuristic and therefore very popular.

However, today we do not discuss Cartier replica watches. We all know that the watches have many kinds of buckles. We commonly have folding buckles, pin buckles, belt snaps, hidden buckles, folding safety buckles, hook buckles, butterfly buckles, etc. Different styles have different buttons. Cartier is different from other brands. Cartier’s buckle is slightly different from the above common buckles. Let me introduce you to how to buckle the Cartier strap.

I believe that many watch friends ​​seemed helpless when they first contacted similar buckles of the Bleu Ballon series and the Tank series, and they did not know how to operate them. Today, to give everyone the basic knowledge of how to buckle the clasp, which can be regarded as a more intuitive answer for novices. Without further ado, let’s start the topic below.

As the king of creative watchmaking, Cartier unremittingly explores and bursts out creativity that will never be exhausted. As early as 1909, Cartier obtained the patent for the D-type buckle. Its buckle design is unique, the lines are smooth, and the strap does not need to be punched. Its uniqueness can’t be surpassed in the industry so far! It is because of its uniqueness that it has caused some trouble for watch fans.

How to buckle the D type buckle of replica Cartier watch
  • 1. Place the watch dial on the center of the outer side of the wrist, and then place the buckle on the middle of the inner side of the wrist to make the buckle arc fit the wrist, thereby adjusting the length of the strap.
  • 2. Place the strap on the other side at the appropriate position on the wrist and mark it to adjust the proper length of the belt. Then put the strap of the appropriate length into the clasp.
  • 3. Put the strap into the buckle and, at the same time, pull it back inwards and put your wrist into the watch.
  • 4. Fold the buckle and press down. The watch buckle is completed after pressing the button below.

The above is the super detailed explanation of the Cartier replica watch buckle teaching, is it straightforward? Cartier’s unique buckle is beautiful and generous, different from other watches, and it looks different, and also fully reflects Cartier’s classic aesthetics, join Contemporary spiritual interpretation, the work has a more sense of the times, which is accepted by people.