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Two Recommended Models Of The Hot-Selling Brand Replica Cartier

Each brand has its own story. Even different models of the same brand will hide their unique secrets. Different styles of watches have different ways of wearing and matching. Cartier is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer, and its brand awareness is very high, especially the Ballon Bleu De Cartier series watches are popular all over the world.

Today I am going to describe the replica Cartier Tank series. As the iconic watch of Cartier replica watches, the Tank series stands out among many watches. The Cartier Tank series is designed based on the appearance of the tank. The replica watch gives a tank-like strong feeling and is suitable for women who have power in the office.

I will list two very unique and little-known replica Cartier watches: replica Cartier Tank W51002Q3 and Cartier Libre series WJ306014. If the Cartier Tank series gives a strong feeling, then the visual impact of this Cartier Libre series WJ306014 can show the feminine and charming side of women. This Cartier replica watch can make every man excited, and it is very suitable for wearing when dating.

Cartier Tank Series W51002Q3

Jewelry master Louis Cartier took inspiration from the French “Reynolds” tank and created the first Tank series watch. Once the Tank watch came out, it became famous for its unique square structure, which also opened a new era of square watches. Its birth impeccably emphasized the style of Art Deco, so that Cartier reached its peak in the field of watch function, technology, and aesthetics, leading a new trend of simplicity and elegance in the watchmaking industry at that time.

The design of the Tank watch is very avant-garde, which perfectly solves the aesthetic problem of the strap connecting the watch body smoothly, and interprets the simple style of the clock to the extreme-two vertical outer edges, which are extended into the lugs. At the same time, It is also an integral part of the watch case. The strap closely fits the case, and the vertical lines on both sides are complete and straightforward, just like the tank tracks extend all the way flat.

Cartier Libre Series WJ306014

The appearance of this Cartier replica watch is very interesting, and the chic rectangular dial is bound. The watch’s diameter is 38.7 mm, and the case material is 18k white gold with diamonds. The dials mirror is sapphire crystal glass, lacquered sun pattern, Roman numerals, with sword-shaped blue steel hands and white Juan strap, sweet and luxurious. The unique and lovely shape of the watch is like a gift of time, and it can be described as a perfect complement to the sweet beauty. The image of the sweet princess is very prominent!

Different personalities are suitable for different styles of watches. These two Cartier replica female watches with full personality, which one do you prefer?