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What If The Hand Of A Cartier Watch Falls Off?

Cartier is a well-known French luxury brand. With its sophisticated and sophisticated design masterpieces, Cartier has become a pioneer in the modern watchmaking industry. Cartier has always been impeccable in the appearance of watches, and its watchmaking skills are equally excellent.

Nowadays, many people also choose to buy high-quality replica Cartier watches. However, whether it is a genuine product or a high-quality imitation, long-term wear will inevitably cause some problems, such as the fall of the watch hand, etc. For this problem, I will introduce you in detail.

Causes of falling hands

  • (1) When the watch is subjected to severe vibration, the hands may fall off; especially the second hand is more likely. If the second hand (including the small second hand or other functional hands) has fallen off, it may be caught between the hour, minute, and dial. If the watch continues to run, the second hand will be moved and scratch the dial surface of the dial, causing the dial to be scratched.
  • (2) If the gap between the hour hand and the dial becomes smaller, and there is no safe gap, it will rub against the surface of the dial, causing arc-shaped scratches on the dial, and the fluorescence above the hour hand will also be rubbed off.
  • Besides, if the position of the hour hand is too low and touches the logo of the dial, the position of the minute hand will be too low, or the axis of the minute wheel will be skewed. The front of the minute hand will rub against the number symbol on the dial. This will not only cause scratches but also bring malfunctions to the watch’s time.
  • (3) Blue steel hands are rusty: Although blue steel hands are high-end and beautiful, they are very easy to rust after being damp. After rusting, they easily rub against the dial, causing arc-shaped scratches on the dial. And this rust is very difficult to deal with this problem with when repairing.

Handling method of falling hands:

  • After the hands of the Cartier watch come off, we should immediately stop the clock. If there is no stop-seconds device, we should quickly pull out the crown to prevent the falling hands from scratching the mirror, dial, or breaking itself. It is no longer possible to dial the hands and wind at this time.
  • After pulling out the crown, it needs to be repaired in time to prevent the watch from getting ash. In general, if there is no damage inside the watch, maintenance is relatively easy. If the tube is deformed, broken, or the parts are worn, maintenance will be more difficult.
  • In case the watch is subjected to severe vibration, the hands should also be carefully observed, especially if there is a change in the distance between the hour hand and the dial. After the blue steel hands are found to be rusty, they should be repaired in time.

The damage of the watch’s hands to the dial cannot be ignored. Once the watch fails, if the disposal method is not excellent, it is easy to aggravate the problem. Therefore, if the hands of your Cartier replica watch come off, it is recommended that you send it to the repair center in time to let a professional repair engineer check and repair it for you.