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Clé De Cartier Series WGCL0004 Replica Watch Detailed Explanation

The Cartier Clé de Cartier series is called the “time key,” and its name is mainly derived from the crown design of the key type, which is also a signature feature of another classic of the brand. The appearance of the new crown resembles a key with a blue gem on the top, which is chic and luxurious. This Cartier watch has the same feel as the key unlocking during the winding process, which also proves that Cartier is good at moving unique creativity and inspiration into the design of the watch.

The case of this Cartier replica watch is made of 316 stainless steel and rose gold plating. The top stainless steel of the case is polished and polished by CNC. The thickness of the side shell body is the same as that of the genuine one, which is processed by the brushing and polishing process, which is very delicate. The inlays of the shell and mirror are the same.

The dial dimensions of this Cartier replica watch are the same as those of the original. The printing of the Cartier replica watch dial on the dial and the sun pattern, calendar, and pointer length are the same as the original. The pointer is also a hardened blue steel pointer. The watch mirror of this Cartier replica watch is made of imported sapphire crystal glass. After double anti-glare coating treatment, the overall transparency and clarity are very strong.

The bottom cover adopts a transparent bottom design, and the lettering size, position, and deep-diving of the outer circle of the bottom cover are the same as the genuine ones. The movement is the original 1847 MC movement modified by the Japanese Citizen 9015 automatic mechanical movement. The movement is very polished, and the movement is stable and accurate.

This replica Cartier watch strap uses an Italian cowhide strap with black stitching on the edges. The strap texture is very soft and comfortable to wear. The buckle is made of 316 stainless steel folding buckle, which is the same as the genuine one.

This high-quality replica Cartier Clé de Cartier WGCL0004 watch, the workmanship is excellent, whether it is from the appearance, or the details are perfectly restored to the authentic quality.