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Ronde Solo De Cartier W6701010 Replica Watch Detailed Review

Cartier brand, whether it is a man or a woman, I believe that they are very familiar with it. This Ronde Solo De Cartier series W6701010 watch is very worthwhile for Cartier, a high-end watch. The clock is designed with a diameter of 42 mm. The blue steel hands on the white dial and the large Roman numerals are beautiful and stylish. Now let’s take a look at the replica version of this Cartier watch!

The case of this Ronde Solo De Cartier replica watch is made of 316 stainless steel. After the top polishing and polishing process, the body is very delicate and round. The sides are also polished, and the curvature of the shell is very beautiful and smooth, and the viewing is powerful.

The mirror of this replica Cartier watch adopts a sapphire crystal glass mirror surface, processed by an anti-glare blue coating process, ultra-high-definition permeability, and you can watch the time at any angle. The crown is inlaid with a blue gemstone, which has not only the same appearance as the genuine one but also the same rotation as the genuine one.

The sword-shaped blue steel hands on the white dial face and the huge Roman numeral hour markers. At 3 o’clock in the calendar window. The font scales on the dial are all synchronized and genuine. The movement adopts an imported 9015 ultra-thin automatic mechanical movement. The thickness of the shell body is the same as that of the original. The travel time is accurate and stable. The movement power reserve is up to 42 hours. The engraved font model of the bottom cover is the same as the original.

The strap of this replica Cartier watch is an Italian calf leather strap, which is hand-cut and sewn by the watchmaker. The texture is very soft and delicate. The clasp is made of stainless steel folding buckle, the buckle is polished very delicately, and it is very comfortable to wear.

This Ronde Solo De Cartier replica W6701010 watch, the movement is the biggest highlight. The movement is perfectly synchronized with the authenticity of both appearance and function, with stable travel time and a power reserve of up to 42 hours, which perfectly restores the authentic quality. This Cartier replica watch is also very cost-effective and is very suitable for watch fans to wear.